Jacket Long Men's Jacket Faux Sleeve today 1 Parka UK Luxury Fur Coat 4TwxUxaBqW

Jacket Long Men's Jacket Faux Sleeve today 1 Parka UK Luxury Fur Coat 4TwxUxaBqW

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Fur Men's 1 Jacket Faux Sleeve today Coat Parka Long Luxury UK Jacket Overview

What kid does not want to climb and swing? Finally a well designed and engineered, reliable swinging TD! The SWINGER was developed over nine months of design and field testing resulting in a versatile gymnastics grade, swing hook capable of 360 degree performance, mounts and dismounts. The TD has an aircraft, aluminum, reinforcing core that provides exceptional strength and it is encased in molded, abrasion resistant polyurethane rubber. Sized for the uneven parallel bars the SWINGER has a design optimized for “Approach, Capture and Release” of the bar. A “Stance Saddle” provides “above the bar” forearm stability and support.


  • • Designed for children and young adults. Tested to 300 pounds load.
  • • Nine months in development and field-testing.
  • • Unique “offset” swing hook center and pivot design.
  • • Natural bar “Approach”, “Capture” and “Swing control” elements.
  • • Stance “saddle” for above bar support.
  • • 360 swing performance capability.
  • • Optimized “Grasp Aperture” for bar Capture and Release capability.
  • • High strength, stress analyzed, aircraft aluminum (7075 ALT6) alloy core.
  • • Molded, abrasion resistant, polyurethane rubber, exterior surface.

Faux Men's Coat today Sleeve Long Parka Luxury Jacket UK 1 Fur Jacket Specifications

Length: 3.8 in. (9.7 cm)
Width: 3.3 in. (8.4 cm)
Thickness: 1.4 in. (3.6 cm)
Opening: 1.8 in. (4.6 cm)
Weight: 8 oz. (227 gm)
Colors: Stealth Black, Powder Blue, Violet-Purple *Custom colors are available at extra cost.
Applications: Primarily children, youth and young adults
L CODE: L6704
Faux Long Coat Sleeve Fur 1 UK Luxury Jacket Men's Parka today Jacket

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